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June 2014 

The lollipop and Nostalic Candy Sticks In A Bottle necklaces and earrings, from my T.L.C - Tastes Like Clay line make their debut at Jennifer's of Nova Scotia, at their Pier 22 (the cruise ship pavilion) location, in Halifax, Nova Scotia!

May 1st, 2014

Mon. - Tue.:
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10am - 5pm
12pm - 5pm
 Splash Boutique has reopened and is currently carrying my T.L.C - Tastes Like Clay, miniature polymer clay food (mostly created as jewellery) and PenGuin Kisses lines, with more to come!

NOTE: Please check their Facebook page for any possible operation hour changes HERE.
 June 10th, 2013

 The T.L.C - Tastes Like Clay line makes its debut at Splash Boutique, building #14 at Fisherman's Cove, in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia! :)

• July 26th, 2013 •

  Hello, my Lovelies! Just wanted to give a quick little update on the company relaunch, that I was talking about a few months ago.

  As I am sure many of you have already gathered, the official, fancy relaunch of my company will not be taking place this year, as there have been quite a few events/changes within my life, since the last post regarding it, that made it too difficult to accomplish all the things I needed to create a successful 2013 relaunch.

  For those wondering, "Does this change anything?", the answer is "Not for anyone, but me."

  So what's happening right now, you ask? I am still working as hard as I can, when I can, designing and creating new products (entirely new lines even, "oOoo!" ;)) and refining my techniques and in some cases, my tools themselves. I am also teaching myself some new things, yay! For starters, I am currently teaching myself to chainmaille, which I am so inlove with! So in the very near future, chainmaille jewellery and accessories will making its debut in my Etsy shop!

  Well, I'm sure that I have more to say, but my Little Miss just woke up from an unexpected nap (she went from taking 2-3 hour naps to, the odd occasion aside, no napping at all around her 2nd birthday, early this year. This being one of the big changes in my life - MAJOR work-time loss and I have yet to figure out a new system that works :s), so I must toddle off for now.

Wishing You Well,


• November 22nd, 2012 •

 After December 8th, 2012 I will no longer be attending any offline vending opportunities (ie: farmer's markets or art & craft shows) until my company relaunches in the spring of 2013! So what will I be doing? I will be building my inventory and finally creating somethings that have been sitting on my personal waiting list for far too long (some for years!). I will, however, be keeping my Etsy shop open and adding a couple of things along way! So please keep stopping by and checking for updates, as many are to come!

In other news, last night I finally finished my new logo for my brand new, miniature polymer clay food line, which will be making its debut on November 30th, at the Newcastle Farmer's Market! Online release to be announced.

• September 14th, 2012 •

 BRAND NEW RELEASE! Please welcome "Not Aguin!" to the PenGuin Kisses line! "Not Aguin!" is the 1st to be released from the "That Kinda Day" Collection! Let Guin express your frustrations for you and help turn that frown upside down! ;p Click HERE to get one of your own!

• Sept. 7th, 2012 •

 Click HERE and check out new photos of The Penglets, Rinn & Molly! Coming Spring of 2013, during my company relaunch!

• June 21st, 2012 •



 Illusya is the "massive project" that I briefly referred to on my blog. Illusya is something that ties together nearly every creation (jewellery aside) that you have already and/or will see(n) from me.

 It may not look like a "massive project", right now, but I am FAR from completing it and furthermore, it will never be done - it will continue for as long as I keep creating ;)

 On a side note, the story of Illusya was not to be released until Spring 2013, when I relaunch the company, so please bear with me and all the changes and additions I will be making along the way. I just couldn't wait any longer (I was also getting too many questions ;p) and I think what I scraped together will work for now. Enjoy!

• April 7th, 2012 •

Check out my blog, Mompreneurial Musings, for a very important update!

•March 2nd, 2012•

 For the first time ever, I am now making my photograhy available to the public! Please enjoy and feel free to comment! I have wanted to do this for a really long time, but was never sure how I wanted to go about it - thankfully, deviantArt makes it way too easy ;)

 On a side note, I did this on a whim, just meaning to check out the listing/selling process without actually listing anything (evidently, I changed my mind ;p), so there is not much to look at right now, but no worries - once I get some more photography bits together, along with descriptions, there will be plenty more to come!


Check out my first release, "Per Ardua Ad Astra"!

•February 1st, 2012•

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