"RAWR!" Edition - That Kinda Day Collection - Released Sept. 17th, 2012

Wynsome Creations
PenGuin Kisses©

A Collection of Original Artwork By Amanda Ramey


The Great Pengahli - Gasping Edition

Materials: High quality polymer clay, varnish, love & patience ;)

Technique: Guin has been skillfully handsculpted with techniques that have taken years of patience, passion and dedication to refine. I use only my hands, a flexible blade, and a few pokey sticks, for detailing. Absolutely NO molds were used in Guin's creation, so no matter how similiar, every rendition of Guin is as special and unique as you are!

Height: Not quite 2 inches high

Weight: Approximately 19g, or 0.67oz for all you non-metric types out there ;)


  Having a bad day and can't express yourself quite as boldly as you would like? Well, then why not let Guin do it for you! Hey, he might even just turn your frown upside down, while he's hollering out your frustrations!

-~- A Brief History About "RAWR!" -~-

  On August 27th, 2012 while already having "That Kinda Day", I was making some happy Guin faces (which would later become the PumpGuins for 2012) and on a rather nice roll, my dog, Nugget, barked and woke up my daughter. Suddenly, I found myself changing PumpGuin's face into Not Aguin (featured in Photo #5 and available HERE) and couldn't help but laugh myself into a great mood while doing it ;)). This "RAWR! Edition" followed later that night.

Guinny Cottontail - Custom Robin's Egg Blue

Christmas Guin


Gasping Guin


• ALL RIGHTS RESERVED - Amanda Ramey ©2012
PenGuin Kisses, Guin Pengington, and Illusya are all of my own creation and may not be copied/reproduced, nor elaborated upon/altered in anyway. Thank you.


  These Woodland Preserves are made from 2 kinds of decorative moss that I purchased from 2 different stores, which make up the forest floor. The little "pinecones" (actually from an alder tree) and bits that look like shrubs, trees, the little bundle of twigs (already for the Faery bonfire!) and such are things that I actually picked up from my surrounding area and carefully dried. This is a non-living terrarium, so it will have no problem taking international trips! The mushrooms are individually handsculpted, with no molds and their custom color stems and white polka dots glow in the dark! I have mixed red glitter into the "Blue Peacock" blue clay that has a green/teal hue to it and then embellished them with "Peridot" light green Swarovski crystals - ooOoo! All of this is whimsically preserved in a 4 oz. upcycled baby food jar, which actually fed my daughter, Lexi, for which they are named, as she inspired them and helps me pick things for them ;)

  The tops are not glued on so, not only is the proud owner able to peek in, but also so that, should any debris get knocked loose, you can simply open the jar and remove the debris with tweezers or a Q-Tip! Finally, each of Lexi's Woodland Preserves are all titled, numbered, and signed by my hand on the bottom of the piece.

  They also come with a little poem (as shown above) that I wrote, which I based off of the Faery Ring folklore. This poem is included with every purchase of Lexi's Woodland Preserves, the Faery Ring Edition, along with the blurb about the creation itself and me!

  For those who don't know, Faery Rings/Fairy Rings themselves are not my original concept, nor are terrariums, but the manner in which I present "Lexi's Woodland Preserves" - in the baby food jar with the traditional decorative cloth used in preserves - is my (to the best if my knowledge) original concept.

Age: Hatched in September of 2010 - This is when the first PumpGuin was created!

Height: Approximately 2-1/4 inches tall, with a wing span of 2-1/4 inches

Weight: Approximately 26g, or 0.9oz

Colors: Guin himself is a black penguin, with a custom, made by me, beak color! His PumpGuin costume has been fashioned from a rich, glittery orange clay that I have also specially created. Guin's adorable pumpkin lid hat is complete with a stem, which its colors are uniquely blended for each individual creation and winding, glittery green tendrils, that never follow the same pattern twice - so each piece is truly one-of-a-kind!

Personalization: The front of the pumpkin can be personalized with white, or green clay (please specify which color you would prefer when ordering.


A Brief History & Further Description

  "PumpGuin", was once simply referred to as "The Pumpkin Suit Penguin" and up until August 28th, 2012, was formally known as "Peng-O-Lantern Guin", but had a name change (my father came up with it ;)) to make way for a project, due to be released in Autumn of 2013! PumpGuin was the second PenGuin to be conceived and added to the PenGuin Kisses© Halloween Collection in 2010. He was first made available to the public in September of 2010, but not offered online until March of 2011. Only 15 PumpGuins were ever created in 2010. 

Lexi's Woodland Preserves - Faery Ring Edition

The Great Pengahli of The Wingling Brothers Circus

  This jubilant little fellow makes a wonderful keepsake to commemorate that long awaited day, be it from kindergarten, or university, or to mark another exciting milestone!

  The tassel is made from permanently colored copper wire for extra durability.

Age: Hatched October/November 2008 - This was when the 1st Gasping Guin was created!

Height: Not quite 2 inches high

Weight: Approximately 19g, or 0.67oz for all you non-metric types out there ;)


 A Brief History & Further Description

  Originally I created this expressive little fellow in the early days, just as an experiment with expressions other than "happy". After the "Gasping Guin" prototype was so well received, I officially added him to the PenGuin Kisses© line!

  Gasping Guin is perfectly paired with Pengula, as shown above!

  The "ooOing" edition of The Great Pengahli was the 3rd and final expression created within the mini-series and has proven to be the most popular!

Valentine/Kissy Face Guin


The Great Pengahli - oOooing Edition

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The Curious Collectibles Emporium

  Pompoms now also glow-in-the-dark and have iridescent glitter added to it - ooOoo! ;) Click HERE to get yours today!

Name: Pengula (though it's really just Guin all dressed up for Halloween!)

Age: Hatched in September of 2010 - This is when the first Pengula was created!

Height: Approximately 1-3/4 inches tall, with a cape span of 2-1/8 inches

Weight: Approximately 21g, or 0.7oz

Colors: Guin himself is always black, with a white tummy that, for a limited time, can be personalized at NO EXTRA CHARGE and custom, made by me, beak color. As "Pengula", Guin's snazzy black cape has a touch of silver pigment worked into it, to give it a certain "je ne sais quoi". His cape's lining comes in a variety of colors, though he is most commonly seen sporting one with a classic glittery red lining. Since he loves the camera and the camera loves him, Guin, I mean Pengula, happily posed for a few photos wearing his favorite capes, which are posted above.

Cape lining colors featured in photo #1 are as follows, left to right:
Row 1: Glitter Red #202
Row 2: Glitter Purple #602, Glitter Blue #302 , Custom Robin's Egg Blue
Row 3: New color! Fuschia with added purple glitter


A Brief History & Detailed Description

   "Pengula", was originally referred to simply as "the Dracula Penguin" and he was the first Halloween penguin in the PenGuin Kisses© line to ever be conceived and created. He was first made available to the public in September of 2010 and originally only offered with Fimo Soft Glitter Red #202 lined capes. Pengula was not offered online until mid-August of 2011.

   31 Pengulas were made and sold in 2010, and only two of which were created with capes that had Fimo Soft Glitter Purple #602 lining. Also, only the first 9, including the original protype, were created with a limited edition, hand braided wire closure at the base of the neck. Another has not been created. The current editions' closure is made from a beautiful, hand braided, metallic gold, decorative thread.
Personalizations are hand-painted.

NOTE: On the bottom of every sculpture that I create, you will find that I have hand-carved my initials and the year in which I completed that particular piece. All works created on, or after October 13th, 2011 will also come numbered and the count for each edition (if it is to be recreated) will start over from #1 each year.

Graduation Guin


Size: Not including his feather, The Great Pengahli stands approximately 2 and 1/8 inches tall!

Special Details: I, being the perfectionist that I am, studied YouTube videos on tying turbans just to get it as close to the real thing as possible. Also, not only is the turban as authentically tied as you can tie clay, but the color is completely custom! You really do have to see him up-close and personal to really be able to appreciate all of the details! Let's not forget about that GORGEOUS deep crimson crystal (or whatever equally gorgeous colored Swarovski you may have chosen ;))!

 Originally created for Valentine's Day, this affectionate cutie would put a smile on any Mother's face! All set for Mother's Day? Then why don't you let someone else know that you care, or even that you're sorry and let Guin do all the sucking up for you!

 Though it does not photograph well, the heart is made from red glittered clay and can be personalized at no extra charge! Personalizations are hand-painted.

The Penglets - Rinn & Molly

Celebratory Guin

♫Baby, it's cold outside♫...So warm your heart, or the heart of another with Christmas Guin!

  Brimming with Christmas cheer, Guin has been hand sculpted from polymer clay - NO MOLDS USED - and given a coat of varnish for an added sheen. He stands approximately 2-1/8 inches from the ground to the top of his hat; has a wing span of a scooch over 1-3/4 inches and weighs approximately 22 grams, or 0.8 ounces, for all you non-metric types out there;)

  Though it does not typically photograph well, the hat is made from pre-glittered clay! I would like to add that since the glitter is mixed into the clay and not applied post-creation, the effect is noticeable, yet subtle. Also the glitter will NOT flake off should you touch it; so have no fear of Guin losing some of his snappiness over time, or you looking like you just man-handled a pixie. Don't you hate it when that happens?

  Is your mantle, curio, or desk too cluttered? No problem! Simply tie a string through his hat and hang him on your Christmas tree!

  Have his tummy personalized at no extra charge! Perfect for a commemorative "Baby's 1st Christmas" ornament! Personalizations are hand-painted.


A Brief History

  This little fellow's design is actually that of the "Original Guin" - the one that started it all. He was not only the first penguin I ever created, but the first clay anything I created as an adult! The original Guin was such a huge success, during the launch of PenGuin Kisses© back in 2007, that I had to start making him available year round and rarely created anything new for 2 years!

  Each creation is initialed and dated with the year by my own hand, no stamps! All works created on, or after October 13th, 2011 will come numbered on the bottom of the piece.


  Price is yet to be determined, as I have only created Molly and Rinn twice. The most that I can say is that the price will be higher than any Guin that I have made, as they demand a level of patience and percision that I didn't quite know that I was capable of ;) I actually had to hold my breath a few times, while while using my left hand to steady my right hand, so I could finish some of the details. Also, there are 5 micro beads set in the blue portion of Molly's Illusian Sun Blossom that measure less than 1mm. In the middle of the Illusian Sun Blossom, you will find a jonquil colored, genuine Swarovski crystal (I only ever use Swarovski crystals in my work). There is also a siam colored Swarovski crystal in the middle of Rinn's bow tie!

  Birth stone editions will also be available soon after their official release!

  Hope you like them! They may be a lot of work, but I so LOVED making them! Smaller may be harder, but I think I'm beginning to find it more gratifying ;)

"Down in the garden on a full moon night,
You may just catch a rare wonderful sight!

The faeries and elves will hold their ball!
Listen closely and you will hear their call.

In a circle they dance to and fro,
By morning's light the mushrooms grow.

In the moonlight they laugh and sing,
And in the dawn they leave a Faery Ring!"

~ "Faery Rings" written April 21st, 2012 by Amanda Ramey ~

Size: Guinny Cottontail, from the tip of his unflopped ear, to the bottom of his feet, stands just a little over 2 and 1/2 inches tall!

Weight: Guinny Cottontail weighs in at approximately 27 grams, or 0.9 ounces, for all you non-metric types out there ;)

Personalization Options: Guin's basket (the eggs go all the way to the bottom! No fillers!) can be personalized with your name, year, small message (like "I ♥ U") for just $3 more**!

**Currently, personalizations can only be made in clay (as featured in photo #4), as painting them on is not only difficult, but quite frankly looks awful. Buy with confidence! Contact me with your personalization request and I'll send you a photo of what it will look like, before you buy! 5 characters looks the best, in my opinion, but longer personalizations can be made. 

NOTE: On the bottom of every sculpture that I create, you will find that I have hand-carved my initials and the year in which I completed that particular piece. All works created on, or after October 13th, 2011 will also come numbered and the count for each edition (if it is to be recreated) will start from #1 each year.

 -~- A Detailed Description -~- 

  This delightful Easter edition of Guin is sure to bring some much needed smiles and cheer to whomever he meets, this holiday season! Guinny Cottontail, complete with an Easter basket completely filled with cheerfully colored eggs (no fillers here!), has been lovingly, yet pain-stakingly, handsculpted from a mix of high quality polymer clays, to create a beautiful, completely custom "Robin's Egg Blue" color, in which you will find, not just any luxurious blue glitter, but difficult-to-photograph blue glitter - ooOoo, ahhh! That's right! Sadly, you cannot truly appreciate Guinny Cottontail's adorable uniqueness, unless you see him up-close and personal! So, don't delay, get yours today! 

-~- Guin & His Prestigious Role of "The Easter Bunny" -~-

♫ Here comes Guinny Cottontail, hopping' down the bunny trail! Hippity hoppity, Easter's on its waaay! ♫...

  That's right, my Lovelies! Our dear old Peter Rabbit (a.k.a Peter Cottontail) has gotten a little worn-out, from all of the continuous years of hopping all over the world (not to mentionhaving to come up with all those fantastic new hiding places for all of his tasty treats and presents, that most of us have come to enjoy!) and thus, has decided to take a much needed vacation! So, after much deliberation and consideration of all the resumes and applications he received, Peter decided that Guin would be the best man...er, PenGuin for the job! After all, he has a slew of glowing recommentions and takes a fantastic head shot ;)

  So get ready people! Guin has spent a long time preparing for this prestigious role and has come up with some GUINTASTIC hiding places! So come on down and get your commemorative Guinny Cottontail figurine!

"Not Aguin!" Edition 

First in the That Kinda Day Collection

Released Sept. 14th, 2012