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"Illusya, where somethings are not as they seem and the mythical creatures of our world roam free."


  Once upon a time, in a world far from our own named Illusya, there existed a myriad of extraordinary creatures. These creatures were of a good hearted and ever-curious nature. As such, a good portion of the denizens fancied themselves as great explorers of their lands, of which there are many. The most gallant of the adventurers eventually began to venture out into the heavens and explore other planets, eager to know whether or not there were life forms, other than Illusians. After all, the Universe would seem to be such a beautiful waste of space, should there be no others in it.

   After many years of traversing distant worlds and both delightful and frightful encounters with other beings, the fearless wanderers came across a little blue planet, which they soon learned to be named "Earth".

   The Illusians were over-joyed at their discovery! They were so deeply enthralled with their travels over Earth's beautiful terrains and even more so with the planet's inhabitants, human and animal alike, that they decided to reveal themselves and interact with but a few of the intriguing creatures.

   After a time, the some of the Illusians became homesick and others had become frustrated with some of the less kindly inhabitants and their bizarre customs and realized that, though for different reasons, like the homesickened, it was time to go home to Illusya. This however was a decision that was not easily made by some of Illusians, as they had developed a great fondness for our world and it's strange inhabitants. Many of our people were so deeply saddened by their impending departure, that they begged and pleaded for the Illusians to stay. The anguish of their human friends, was nearly too much for the Illusians to bear, but they knew that the time had come for them to go, as they were not meant to stay in our world. But before they left, the Illusians decided to summon their greatest magics and create a way for themselves and their new friends to meet again. They took advantage of our ability to dream and created a portal to their world, within our dream world, that could only be found by the curious and kind-hearted.

So ends the Legend of Illusya...for now.



•:• A Note From The Illusian Explorer Extraordinaire, Amanda Ramey •:•

  Firstly, Illusya's sun can be seen by the naked eye, on a clear night. The sun is known to our world's astronmist as the star Merak, which is apart of the Big Dipper and is the heart of the constellation, Great Bear.

  Secondly, these sightings and interactions with the Illusians were recorded in our world's written history; however, the accounts were so fantastical that they can now, sadly, be only be found under the subjects of Folklore and Mythology.

  Some of the most famous (and in some cases, the most infamous, but they were just misunderstood) Illusian explorers were known to us as Unicorns, Dragons, Faeries, and Penguarian PenGuins, just to name a few. So there you have it. Unicorns and the like are not myths, they just went home.

   What's that? You say you've never heard of a "Penguarian PenGuin"?! Well, of course you have! You know the most famous one of all - his name is Guin, Guin Pengington. Since I'm quite sure that I've piqued your interest, please allow me to now explain a little more about Guin and how we met.

  You see Guin is actually from Penguaria, which is a land in Illusya. More specifically, it's directly to the left of Quigley's Corner and Plumpkin's Hollow. Plumpkin's Hollow is in the heart of the forest that surrounds Quigley's Corner. What is and who lives in Quigley's Corner and Plumpkin's Hollow, you ask? Well, you'll just have to wait and see.

   So, how did Guin and I meet? Well, one night, while dreaming a dream (of now largely forgotten content), I suddenly found myself before a trance-provokingly beautiful, swirling, portal of indescribably magnificent shades of purples, blues, and greens. Much to my own surprise, I nearly leapt through the portal with eagerness, instead of cautiously poking in a stick before me, as I would imagine I would have.

  I then found myself in a sun-bathed meadow. The air smelled sweetly of lilacs and wild roses. Two of my favorite smells.

    I could spend forever describing everything and how glorious it all was, but that would take, well forever and we have miles to go. After a long while of wandering about, I came across a land, named Penguaria and was greeted excitedly by this delightful little creature that told me his name was...you know, still to this day I can't pronounce it and he still snickers at my sad attempts. Anyhoo, after seeing that my linguistic skills were lacking, he told me that I could just call him "Guin". At first glance, I thought Guin was a normal penguin, just perhaps of a more unknown tropical variety; but then I realized that he looked a little off, with his large cartoony eyes, and not-quite-right beak and feet coloring that reminded me of a mix of the rockhopper and gentoo penguins back home.

   So, Guin and I wandered around Penguaria and gnoshed on some pistachios that I had squirreled away in my pocket, while we shared stories and information about our respective worlds.

  Countless hours of delightful chatter and pistachios later, Guin, curious about our world and these "penguins"  that I said he looked so much like, decided to come home with me. Once on Earth, Guin, staying true to his natural-born-explorer self, traveled around the world and eventually made his way back to me and decided to stay and get into acting, with me as he agent and creator of all his "action figures" and various career memorabilia. Yeah, he's pretty ambitious and fearless, that one.

   So, now you know the story of Guin and Illusya, and that if you see any of my creations, they are not cartoony renditions of creatures from our world or mythology, they are just another Illusian.


• ALL RIGHTS RESERVED - Amanda Ramey ©2012
PenGuin Kisses, Guin Pengington, and Illusya are all of my own creation and may not be copied/reproduced, nor elaborated upon/altered in anyway. Thank you.



-~- The Fictitious History of Guin -~-

  Guin is a great thespian (a fancy word for "actor") and as such is a brilliant master of disguise! He loves flattery (but not too much, as he is easily embarrassed and prone to blushing), hamming it up for the camera, and pistachios. But most of all, he loves bringing a smile, a laugh, a chuckle, a snortle (it's a bit of a snort/chuckle combination, you know the one), or any other expression of merriment to his beloved audience and everyone else he meets. After all, that is why he got into show business in the first place ;) So please, sit back and enjoy the unfolding of Guin's journey to international stardom and pick up a piece of memorabilia for yourself, or someone you care about!

-~- "The PenGuin Brief" - A Movie Trailer For Your Imagination -~-

  *Cue classic, movie announcer voice, suspenseful music fades in*..."Guin Pengington stars in "The PenGuin Brief", as young precocious lawyer, Garby Chaw, who stumbles upon a conspiracy that will result in the devastation of the entire PenGuin nation - the endangerment of pistachios! Will Garby be able to find the evidence he needs to stop the conspirators? Will anyone believe him, if he does? 'The PenGuin Brief' *the music abruptly stops at the cue of a single, resonating strike of a low-tom drum*...coming this fall to a theater near you."...*your Mind's Eye fades to black a.k.a the trailer ends*

NOTE FROM THE ARTIST: Hello, my Lovelies! I just wanted to pop by to make sure that everyone knew that the above "Fictitious History of Guin" is just that - a bit of fancy - a look into the imaginary world that I am creating for Guin...or is he creating it for me? I think it's a joint effort at this point. Anyhoo, I just didn't want anyone to wonder why they can't hop off somewhere and download Guin's "latest cinematic adventure". But hey, who says I won't bring that into reality too? You just never know with me ;) 

ANOTHER NOTE: The above history and note is an excerpt taken from reserved listing for a "from the bottom up" custom order that I created for a very special client and is just an example of something that makes my work stand out from some of my peers.

When you purchase a PenGuin Kiss, you become the proud owner of a little creation that isn't just adorable and unique, but one that has been skillfully handcrafted with high quality materials, lots of love and patience, and even comes with an original story and personality that no one can ever recreate (and not just because Guin's copyrighted ;)).