Wynsome Creations

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My Company In A Nutshell:

  I (Amanda Ramey) created this business, consisting solely of handcrafted products, to do my part in the world and bring as many smiles to as many faces as possible and therefore help to make it a better place. How exactly is it that I plan to do this? By one PenGuin Kiss, one Wynsome Creation at a time. It may sound pretty ambitious, but that’s my goal. You see, happiness is contagious and this is my personal way of spreading it. Why is this all so important to me? Because I know that happy people are about 95% more likely to be kinder, more compassionate, therefore more willing to help those around them when they are in a good mood. Therefore, this is my way of “paying it forward”. After all, isn’t that what life is really about?

  My love & many thanks to all of my supporters/clients. Without you, none of this could be possible *gives you a big squeeze*.